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After 3 nights stays at Keran, Sharda and Arang Kel now it is your turn to hire jeep from Vaadi Travels from Kel to Taobut and back to Kel by calling on contact 0334-5129777. There is 3 to 4 hours drive from Kel to Taobut. Taobut is the last tourist destination of Neelum Valley. The origin of river Neelum is from that point. In between beautiful tourist attraction places are Halmat, Sardan, Janawai and Phulawai. All places are heaven on earth and all together make Neelum Vally a dream place for tourists to explore you can have night stay in Taobut. There are hotels, gusts houses and accommodations available in Taobut for tourists to stay night in taobutt.

While drive back from Taobut you can have a night stay in Keran.

Hotels in TaoButt

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